I’ve been missing.

Sorry for the lack of updates! I’ll be trying to post more, but just want to let everyone know that I’m still rocking this weight loss.  July 14th will make 6 months, but to date I’ve lost 123lbs putting me at 402lbs (COME ON 300’s!!!).  I plan on making some before and after photos for the occasion and will add them to my last 3 month progress pics:


The difference isn’t drastic in the first three months, but I have a feeling its going to be way more noticeable at the 6 month mark.


well there goes that

I decided this morning that I was going back on Zyrtec. The cost/benefit is worth it for me still, since the overall itching was out of control this morning, so I’m back on one, maybe two depending if I feel like I need it tonight…

Still not defeat, but aggravating none-the-less.

More amazing results

Actually, today is the second day that i have not taken any Zyrtec or Zantac! After supplementing with Betaine Hcl and Pepsin, i feel like my digestion has improved tremendously, and better yet, heartburn is barely noticeable if not non-existant. Seems crazy after swallowing little bombs of acid.

The even more amazing thing is that my hiving does not seem to be coming back. I am feeling a bit of puffiness and minor reactions, nothing outrageous (to be expected i guess after completely dropping an antihistamine, until the body can acclimate again… I noticed an effect like this as i was dropping my Zyrtec previously).

I feel like after 10 years that I may be free from this crappy disease, and I can definitely attribute that to the clean eating… I feel like my gut is finally starting to function normally, and I feel like I’m even more energized after meals.

So yeah, thats right… im on just the Metoprolol 50mg x2 a day, and my body is feeling more and more energized as i keep dropping these meds. I would be off the metoprolol too, but unfortunately i still need it.. without it my BP goes up around 150-160/80-90… On it my BP is more balanced around 125/75… Maybe once some more weight is off, ill be able to drop that too… My pulse has improved tremendously… Pre Primal/Paleo it was always around 80-90… now i’m hard pressed to see it go over 62 at rest… it feels pretty good.

I went from a daily routine of this:

medbeforeTo this:


And damn it feels good.

Guilty pleasures

Is it wrong to love the taste of MCT oil straight up? If it is, I don’t wanna be right.


Zantac and other evils

Check out this article on GERD and why all current meds are flawed in treating it.

It’s frustrating learning how detrimental your medication is to you… Something as stupid as Zantac could be destroying my health right now… I’ll be experimenting with a Betaine HCL and Pepsin supplement… A lot of my symptoms align with low stomach acid and bacteria overgrowth as well, so I don’t think it could hurt… My stomach acid can’t be at optimal levels anyway, especially when considering how long I’ve been on Zantac and PPI’s.

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Eating for health

Here’s a quick update on my current health status with my medication.

Pre-paleo/primal meds (per day):

  • 6 10mg Zyrtec
  • 2 50mg Metropolol
  • 1 40mg Lisinopril
  • 1 40mg Pantoprazole
  • 1 50mg Sertraline
  • 2 150mg Zantac

Current meds:

  • 2 10mg Zyrtec
  • 2 50mg Metropolol
  • 2 150mg Zantac

As you can see, my overall health has improved enough for me to be able to drop my antidipressant, the Pantoprazole, a typical acid reducer for my stomach, the Lisinopril for my High Blood Pressure, and 4 of my daily Zyrtec to control my hives.  Amazingly, my Chronic Urticaria has slowed down immensely since starting this diet.  Makes sense with the reduced toxins and garbage, and increased anti-inflammitory omega-3’s in my diet.  I honestly think I have a damaged gut, and it’s liking the sugar break, which is allowing my immune system to get stronger.

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Allow me to introduce myself.

So here I am. This WordPress blog before you is an outlet to me and my raw thoughts as I fight to regain my life through primal/paleo nutrition and lifestyle.

Before starting this journey, I was probably one of the sickest 28 year olds in America. 6’7″, 525 lbs… On the verge of heart disease or worse with high blood pressure and acute A-Fib… Living 10 years on antihistamines to control my chronic urticaria that came out of nowhere at 18 years old…

Despite all of this, my lovely wife and I decided to have a child, and last year I became a father to a wonderful boy.

This scared the shit out of me. How could I fully take care of and love a child if I can’t even take care of myself? Would I even be around long enough to see him grow up?

This caused me to really consider surgery, although I never liked the idea… It seems like a bandaid on an issue that won’t fix the real problem. So I decided I would put one last ditch effort to diet, and go paleo… I started January 14 2014, and I’m still going strong. I hope these words here can give someone some encouragement as I continue on this path.