More amazing results

Actually, today is the second day that i have not taken any Zyrtec or Zantac! After supplementing with Betaine Hcl and Pepsin, i feel like my digestion has improved tremendously, and better yet, heartburn is barely noticeable if not non-existant. Seems crazy after swallowing little bombs of acid.

The even more amazing thing is that my hiving does not seem to be coming back. I am feeling a bit of puffiness and minor reactions, nothing outrageous (to be expected i guess after completely dropping an antihistamine, until the body can acclimate again… I noticed an effect like this as i was dropping my Zyrtec previously).

I feel like after 10 years that I may be free from this crappy disease, and I can definitely attribute that to the clean eating… I feel like my gut is finally starting to function normally, and I feel like I’m even more energized after meals.

So yeah, thats right… im on just the Metoprolol 50mg x2 a day, and my body is feeling more and more energized as i keep dropping these meds. I would be off the metoprolol too, but unfortunately i still need it.. without it my BP goes up around 150-160/80-90… On it my BP is more balanced around 125/75… Maybe once some more weight is off, ill be able to drop that too… My pulse has improved tremendously… Pre Primal/Paleo it was always around 80-90… now i’m hard pressed to see it go over 62 at rest… it feels pretty good.

I went from a daily routine of this:

medbeforeTo this:


And damn it feels good.


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