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Zantac and other evils

Check out this article on GERD and why all current meds are flawed in treating it.

It’s frustrating learning how detrimental your medication is to you… Something as stupid as Zantac could be destroying my health right now… I’ll be experimenting with a Betaine HCL and Pepsin supplement… A lot of my symptoms align with low stomach acid and bacteria overgrowth as well, so I don’t think it could hurt… My stomach acid can’t be at optimal levels anyway, especially when considering how long I’ve been on Zantac and PPI’s.

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Eating for health

Here’s a quick update on my current health status with my medication.

Pre-paleo/primal meds (per day):

  • 6 10mg Zyrtec
  • 2 50mg Metropolol
  • 1 40mg Lisinopril
  • 1 40mg Pantoprazole
  • 1 50mg Sertraline
  • 2 150mg Zantac

Current meds:

  • 2 10mg Zyrtec
  • 2 50mg Metropolol
  • 2 150mg Zantac

As you can see, my overall health has improved enough for me to be able to drop my antidipressant, the Pantoprazole, a typical acid reducer for my stomach, the Lisinopril for my High Blood Pressure, and 4 of my daily Zyrtec to control my hives.  Amazingly, my Chronic Urticaria has slowed down immensely since starting this diet.  Makes sense with the reduced toxins and garbage, and increased anti-inflammitory omega-3’s in my diet.  I honestly think I have a damaged gut, and it’s liking the sugar break, which is allowing my immune system to get stronger.

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